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Did you know...

That under the current copyright laws in both the US and internationally, all creative intellectual property--including written works and art--is copyrighted the moment it leaves the original creator's mind and is set down in physical form? And yes, this includes digital art like the images displayed on this site.

Using my images without permission is illegal, not to mention rude. Please read on if you want to learn more about using my art for your web site, your game, or any other project.

The Basics

All works of art shown on this site are property of yours truly, Maggie Wang. No rights or permissions are granted for display of these works on other web sites, webchats or in other forms, within the United States or worldwide. Please contact me for details on using my works if your particular situation is not covered in the following paragraphs.

For anything other than private viewing (ie making a picture your Windows wallpaper) or the printing of my images for personal use (ie putting a portrait up on the wall and grinning at it in a silly way), I require that you contact me for approval/permission.

This includes:

  • Using an image on your personal/business web site
  • Using an image in any games, electronic or paper RPG, you are developing
  • Altering my original images in any form, including (Don't laugh--People have tried this!) erasing my signature and pasting on your own and changing the colors in my original work with a graphics program and claiming it as your own work
  • Basically any public usage of my work, whether non-profit or otherwise

Non-Profit Web Sites, Newsletters, and Print Media
  1. Contact me for permission. Include your URL (if applicable), a list of the images you wish to display, and the intended use for the images. If you need to resize or alter the image in ANY way for your project, include this information in your request.
  2. Place a "© Copyright Maggie Wang. All rights reserved." notice beneath each image from my gallery you use. If you wish, you may link the notice to this site at http://www.magyss.com. (Grab copy and paste code)
  3. In the event that placing the copyright notice beneath each of my images is beyond your current HTML coding abilities or detrimental to the attractive layout of your site/newsletter/etc, you may place a credit along the lines of "Image1, Image2, and Image3 © Copyright Maggie Wang (www.magyss.com) All rights reserved." on a separate credits page. If you choose this method for your web site, please include one of my linking graphics on the same page as the credit.
  4. Once you receive permission to use the image(s), save the image(s) to your OWN server if you are planning to use it/them on a web site. Do NOT link directly to the image on my server; bandwidth stealing is not a nice thing to do and marks the thief as an inconsiderate newbie. The only person allowed to link to images on the Magyss Studios site is--you guessed it--ME.
  5. One final requirement: Add your URL link to the Visitor-Added Links / Character Pages listing. This serves to give your page a bit more exposure and helps me keep track of the sites using my art with permission. Thanks for your consideration!

Icons/Character Portraits for Chat Rooms or Online RPGs
  1. If you are allowed to include your own HTML on a character page, follow the instructions for Non-Profit websites above
  2. If you are limited to an image-only display (as for chat icons), you may go ahead and create an icon using my images as long as no significant modification (resizing and cropping are ok, as is adding your character's name to the image) is made to the image. If you plan to make major changes to the image, please email me for permission.

Printing Character Portraits for Your Table Top RPG Group
  1. Assuming that you aren't making any money roleplaying with your group, go ahead and print out the image and enjoy your game. *grin*
  2. No further action is required, although brief notes of thanks are always appreciated!

Illustrations for Commercial Projects, Games, Books, Image Collections, and RPGs in Development
  1. If your project is non-profit, follow the guidelines for non-profit websites. In lieu of placing the copyright notice beneath every image you wish to use, you may include my information on a credits page. In either case, you must email me for permission.
  2. If you wish to use the images for a commercial project, please contact me directly to discuss terms of use or to commission original work.


A Special Note Regarding Commissioned RPG Portraits:

I retain full rights to all commissioned portraits and art, including the right to display digital and physical copies of the work on my various websites and galleries for self-promotion. The client commissioning the work is granted the right to print physical copies of the digital file for their own, non-profit and private use. The client is further granted permission to use their portrait on their own web sites, chats, or games (as a depiction of their in-game persona) as long as the usage is non-profit. The names, descriptions, and histories of all characters commissioned remain the intellectual property of the client.

I offer a set of "freebie" portraits that are up for grabs for any players looking for a picture in the Ta'Zen'Shihr Pavilion Adoption area of my site for those who are interested. If you do choose to adopt one of these orphan portraits, please take the time to fill out the appropriate form and consider linking your web site back to Magyss Studios.

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All images on these pages are © Copyright 1994-2006 Maggie Wang. All rights reserved. Copyright and Usage Info