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Ordering a Custom Crochet Doll

I am currently accepting commissions for custom crocheted art dolls. Please read through the following FAQ before contacting me about a commission! There is also a calendar below showing my availability.

Commissioned Doll FAQ

  • How much are your dolls? - A plain brown or linen colored doll with a zipper and no hair or clothing is $30. Custom dolls made to look like specific characters start at $50 and can go up to $100 depending on materials used and complexity. The average price for a custom doll is $60-$85. As a guideline, here are some prices for dolls I have already made:
    Name Features Price
    Classic Brown Decorative topstitching, metal zipper $30
    Astro Boy Crocheted hair, shorts, custom legs, decorative topstitching, metal zipper $60
    Hellboy Crocheted hair, horn nubs, tail, custom arm, shorts, polymer clay-covered eyes, decorative topstitching, metal zipper $70
    Prince of Persia Polymer clay weapon, hand-tied hair, vest, shirt, head wrap, custom gauntlet arm with painted polymer clay tips, decorative topstitching, metal zipper $85
    Kratos/God of War 2 painted polymer clay swords, chain accents, shoulder pads, belt, trimmed skirt, custom arms and legs, tattoo markings crocheted with mercerized cotton thread, decorative topstitching, metal zipper $90-$95
  • How long is the wait for a doll? - I can complete around two to three dolls per week at this time (I still have to make video games during the day, eat, sleep, and workout, alas.), so the wait on some of these could be up to 4-6 months. To get these dolls made and shipped faster, I will group similar or identical characters (the very popular Hellboy or the classic brown or off-white Sackboy/girl, for example) together and make them in batches. If you need your doll by a certain date for a gift or event, please let me know so I can book your order in advance. Once I start work on your doll, it is generally completed in 4-7 days. I ship out completed dolls on Wednesday and Saturday. Commissions are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, though I will do my best to accommodate gift orders with a definite due date.
  • Can you ship outside of the U.S.? How much is shipping? - USPS Priority Mail within the United States is approximately $9 for a single doll. For those of you who live outside the United States, I am willing to ship internationally via USPS First Class International mail which usually runs $10 USD to Canada and $15 USD for Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Shipping costs will be in addition to the cost of the doll. If you are not in the US and would still like to order a doll, let me know your city and country, and I'll get back to you with an updated shipping quote.
  • How do I pay for my doll? - I currently accept only Paypal payments via my Artfire shop. Payment is required in advance to reserve your spot. If you agree to the quoted price for your commissioned doll, I'll create a custom commission item for you on Artfire so you can complete payment and get your shipping information into the system.
  • Can you make...? - If it's a humanoid with relatively close-fitting clothing that can be crocheted as part of the body itself, then yes, definitely, even if they have tails, animal ears, or crazy hair. Some characters with big trench coats or clothing that can't be crocheted without being too bulky might wind up with sewn outfits. (Note on clothing: Removable clothing could be a little problematic with these dolls since their limbs are shaped completely backwards compared to real humans, whose extremities tend to taper at the ends rather than get bigger, making it easier to get into and out of clothes.) REALLY non-standard guys like Big Daddy from Bioshock with helmets, tanks, and more will have to be discussed--whether the helmet needs to be removable, etc. I can also make weapons and accessories from fabric, polymer clay, and/or other materials as needed for the doll on a case-by-case basis. You can see a gallery of dolls that I have made in the past here: Commissioned Doll Gallery
  • What about zippers? - In most cases I use a real metal zipper (decorative only...don't open unless you want to unstuff the doll). The default at this time is either a bright silver tone on black or navy tape or a more subdued antique brass tone on light grey or black tape. You may specify which you prefer in your order.
  • What if I want a doll with an Angry or Neutral expression? - While the default head is the open-mouthed grinning one with the tongue sticking out, I can also do an "Angry" head with eyebrow ridges and a downturned, embroidered mouth as seen in the Kratos doll, or a close-mouthed regular head with an embroidered neutral mouth. Please let me know if you would prefer one of the non-standard expressions.

Availability Calendar

Here is my current availability for commissioned art and dolls. I generally have time for two projects per week. Check the calendar for available weekly slots and to confirm the week that your commission will be worked on.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom doll from me, please contact me via my email form.


Ordering a Portrait

So you've browsed the gallery and decided that you must have your very own character portrait? Here's how you can have your elf/dwarf/human/halfling/furry/(fill-in-your-character-type) immortalized in full color (or black and white)...

1. Take a look at the gallery to decide what sort of portrait you would like--Pencil, digitally colored or both--then take a look at the pricing and delivery options below.

2. Fill out the form as completely as possible (If your half-elf character has a tattoo of a wyvern on his left forearm that you would REALLY like to see in the portrait, let me know! The same goes for jewelry, hair styles, etc.) and send it in.

3. Don't forget your email address! The snail mail address is optional unless you want the original drawing mailed to you, but I use the email address to confirm the request, deliver digital files, and communicate with you regarding any changes/additions you might want to make after the rough sketch is posted on the Works in Progress page.

4. I will confirm via email that I have received your request within 36 hours under most circumstances. If you have thought of anything else you might like to add to your character, feel free to do so at this time.

5. A small b/w pencilled preview sketch will be posted on my site in the Work in Progress gallery within a week. I generally post new drawings on Saturdays.

6. Request changes or approve the sketch via email, and I will either make the changes you want, or finish up the drawing, depending on what you decide. I'm pretty open-minded about changes, so don't be afraid to speak up. This is, after all, a little piece of you we're creating. *grin*

7. After everyone is happy/ecstatic/quite pleased with the preview, I will send the portrait to you according to your chosen delivery method. (Turnover on digital files is immediate; Allow anywhere from 3 days to a week and half for mailed portraits to arrive.)

8. Payment is by check, money order, or credit card. No work will commence on your portrait until payment is received. (I hate to do this, but I've had too many problems in the past...) A link to more detailed payment information will be given to you once your order is submitted.

9. A note on copyright: Unless specific arrangements are made, I retain full rights to all commissioned portraits and art, including the right to display digital and physical copies of the work on my various websites and galleries for self-promotion. The client commissioning the work is granted the right to print physical copies of the digital file for their own, non-profit and private use. The client is further granted permission to use their portrait on their own web sites, chats, or games (as a depiction of their in-game persona) as long as the usage is non-profit. The names, descriptions, and histories of all characters commissioned remain the intellectual property of the client.

Portrait Types

Media Email or Download: Digital File US Mail: Digital File on CD US Mail: B/W Original & CD
B/W Graphite Drawing
Click thumbnail to see enlarged sample
$25 $30 $40
Digitally Colored Drawing
Click thumbnail to see enlarged sample
$50 $55 $70


Description Email: JPG/GIF file
Additional Character/Figure (B/W)
Click thumbnail to see enlarged sample
Additional Character/Figure (Color)
Click thumbnail to see enlarged sample
Ta'Zen'Shihr Pavilion Customized Adoption
Click thumbnail to see enlarged sample
(Go to Custom Adoption Form)

Order Form



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