Commissioned Roleplaying Character Portraits

The images below are character portraits commissioned by individual players of various roleplaying game systems. Those marked with a (*) are not available for use by other players on public websites or chat rooms. If you are interested in commissioning your own custom character portrait, please visit my commissions information page.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Kalyn Chard Kalyn and Otto Swami
Kalyn Chard Kalyn and Otto Swami


GemStone III/IV

Aranae Myrael (1998) Sydrian Gazaroth
Aranae Glendoriel Myrael Zen'Shihr Sydrian Ta'Shihr Gazaroth McEvenlore
Shanleigh and Conlyn Aerienne Bramlor Freesha
Lady Shanleigh and Lord Conlyn Lady Aerienne Woodlake Bramlor Arcoroc Lady Freesha Mosscatcher
Tierna Elowyn Teylaana Darkram
*Lady Tierna Colquhoun MacNeiss Lady Elowyn *Teylaana Skullderfeld Darkram Rakar
Setzier Kazary Shonin Synne
*Lord Setzier von Evenlore *Lady Kazary Bythzen Shonin Ta'Zen'Shihr Synne Du'Pere
Annorax Synne and Sydrian Breina Summerdove
Lord Annorax B'rel Synne and Sydrian Breina Totear Summerdove Talkote
Amric Demonea Myrael 2001 Amadea
Amric Demonea Myrael (2001) Amadea L'umineux
Aramina and Lyricaen
Aramina and Lyricaen


Dragon Realms

MiLing Tatiyana Tyche  
Miling Ta'Shihr Tatiyana Delmaine Tyche Moirai  



Tigerlily Sorrel Chrysania  



Bardic Dreams Dark-haired male elf Blonde elven female Vamptor
Celtic Elf Celtic Elf (Color)    


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